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Eugina Becton is a self-taught artist who has found a profound connection to creativity throughout her life. In 2021, a transformative encounter sparked a deep desire within Eugina to rediscover her true essence: freedom and artistic expression. Over the past two years, painting has become a grounding technique that brings solace and fuels her imagination. Eugina approaches her art with restorative trust, allowing her to release control and break free from societal expectations.


Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, Eugina develops her ideas through intuitive feelings. Her work is strongly influenced by her love for flowers, vibrant colors, spirituality, community, love, and the courage to begin again.


Eugina's notable art series, titled "A Dozen Accolades," celebrates the act of receiving recognition and appreciation, even in our most vulnerable states. These energetic paintings embody floral themes, warm hues, and textured brush strokes. They exude a sense of loyalty that evokes innocence, transcending age. By incorporating highlights of black and white, Eugina skillfully acknowledges the duality within all of us while embracing what it means to be seen. Her art emanates joy and acceptance, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.


Eugina willfully recognizes the beauty and challenges that come with new opportunities and self-discovery, always honoring the valuable lessons they bring. She considers herself a perpetual student, forever open to learning and is also willing to share her knowledge as a teacher when the opportunity arises.

A woman smiling woman in a floral print dress.  There is a sign, in the background, that says "Mistakes are proof you are trying".

Eugina M. Becton
1981, Washington D.C.


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